Indy Wine Chats was created by two female entrepreneurs balancing the roles of being modern day business women.


Being a multi-passionate female entrepreneur is exhausting, exhilarating, and down right hard. Not to mention all of the other roles we balance as women like being a mom, a wife, a friend, and a generally decent human being to name a few.

Ericka and Steph met through the fashion and beauty industry. Steph was working for a local prom boutique in the same shopping center where Ericka was a makeup artist for Merle Norman. Steph was organizing a prom photoshoot and needed a professional makeup artist for the models in the shoot. From there, their paths continued to cross in the fashion and beauty industry when both women became social media influencers and wanted to do something different than the rest.

Indy Wine Chats was born when Steph and Ericka decided they wanted a space where they could chat casually, share real stories, and honor women who are working through the balancing act of life. As friends, they love to grab drinks and chat so they decided to turn it into a podcast that gives their audience a chance to join them at happy hour once a week.


Indy Wine Chats Team


Steph Weber

Co-Host, Trendy in Indy


Ericka Kresge

Co-Host, Beauty Guru, and mom of four.


Peyton Thompson

Podcast Producer

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Ericka and Steph are always excited to connect with other women who want to pull up a chair at the bar and chat about life.

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